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 Tiddliwink Designs features a large selection of Nursery and Children’s Wall Art, with over 100 different items to match many different nursery designs! Your child’s bedroom or nursery is their own space, to play, dream, and relax. Choose Nursery Wall Art in bold colors, landscapes, art deco patterns, or designs that reflect your child's creativity, personality, and interests. My Nursery Art collection includes everything from duckies and frogs to lions, tigers and bears! Beautiful Girls Wall Art is available ranging from whimsicals, flowers, birds, owls, ballerinas and fairies. Boys Wall Art options include transportation, jungle animals, and sports themes of every kind. Many of my Children’s Wall Art designs have a personalization option so that your child’s name can be added to this already stunning piece of artwork! Personalize their Wall Art so it is meaningful all their lives! Tiddliwink Designs offers a range of options for each piece of artwork, including paper prints on 8x10 inch paper to larger 11x14 inch sizes. Also, available is the option to have your artwork mounted onto canvas with hand painted borders for a customized look but without the huge expense. Most importantly Tiddliwink Designs is a home based business of a mom of 6 in the United States of America. My products are 100% made in the USA and all of my supplies are bought in the USA as well.           

Mural Design work by Keshia Tatum Clemons Inspirational room ideas by Tiddliwink Designs Face Painting by Keshia Tatum Clemons in Shelbyville Kentucky Tiddliwink Designs Blog


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